Sylvan uses Renaissance Learning’s STAR assessments, which are computer-adaptive tests designed to give accurate, reliable, and valid data for students in reading and math. The tests measure specific skills as well as overall reading and math ability. They compare students’ achievement to that of students across the nation, and report on growth over time. Sylvan uses STAR results to place students on Sylvan’s learning progression, indicating where instruction should begin. Students are progress tested periodically to ensure that they are achieving academic growth as expected. To learn more about Renaissance’s STAR assessments, visit their site.


Sylvan’s commitment to research-based programs begins with incorporating current research into the design and development of each program.

SylvanSync Academic Update: These research reports summarize SylvanSync's impact on academic growth. 

• Mid-year supplement August 2015
• March 2015
• July 2013

The following reports review the relevant research for each program, with illustrative sample lessons from the SylvanSync™ programs and from the Ace it! Reading and Math programs.

 Language Arts
 Study Skills


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