SylvanSync is an integrated technology platform developed by Sylvan Learning, Inc. to provide digital resources to support teaching and learning in ways that are appropriate for students of today. This platform helps teachers motivate, engage, and instruct students in a highly individualized manner. The SylvanSync platform helps track student progress, identifies the most appropriate learning resources for each student, and removes much of the administrative burden associated with more personalized approaches to instruction.

SylvanSync is designed to support the teacher in a distributed-cognition implementation, with people and technology in an intellectual partnership. This is in line with new trends in the industry. Teachers and students use their strengths and skills to form a partnership for learning. SylvanSync supports both the teacher and the student by providing an integrated assessment and learning technology platform that personalizes the experience for each student and provides rich forms of content and feedback. This is an example of a “Digital Teaching Platform” (DTP) (Dede & Richards, 2012). This paper analyzes the research behind DTPs and examines how SylvanSync exemplifies this new kind of pedagogy