To ensure the successful implementation of the College Prep programs, Sylvan hires highly qualified teachers who undergo a comprehensive initial training program, as well as on-going supervision. Tutor training for each program is as follows. 

Tutor training for the SylvanPrep program focuses on helping the tutor understand the SylvanPrep curriculum and how to deliver instruction so that it maximizes the learning experience for each student. There are four 30-minute online courses and an online assessment before a tutor takes the certification test for the program. The courses provide each tutor with an overview of the SylvanPrep program, demonstrate how to administer tests, maximize the student experience and monitor student progress via

The four courses and assessment are:

  • Preparing to Teach SylvanPrep
  • Using the Teacher Edition and Syllabus to Prepare for SylvanPrep Instruction
  • SylvanPrep Online: Student Experience
  • SylvanPrep Online: Student Groups and Monitoring Student Progress
  • SylvanPrep Teacher Certification