Sylvan’s Individualized Math program uses SylvanSync™  technology to engage students in increasingly challenging learning activities that are presented on an iPad. Individualized Math begins with the STAR Math assessment. The STAR test provides a measure of a student’s academic mastery level, and the Student Outlook Survey assesses each student’s academic mindset and motivation. The SylvanSync technology uses the STAR results and other student-specific information to create a unique learning plan for each student. The technology then ensures that a teacher has just the right content to address each student’s immediate skill needs during a lesson. Students periodically take additional STAR assessments to measure progress and to determine if additional adjustments are needed for their individual learning plans.

The Math program content is aligned to state and college and career-readiness standards, and is designed to be used by Sylvan teachers to:

  • Teach skills directly to each student 
  • Give students critical opportunities for guided and independent practice
  • Provide opportunities to evaluate each student’s level of mastery 

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