Robotics uses engaging, hands-on projects to stimulate students’ creativity. Working with LEGO® bricks and software, students learn to build and program robots.

To fully engage and challenge aspiring engineers, computer programmers or scientists, there are several robotics programs available for:

• Grades 2-4: Robotics 101 and 102

• Grades 4-6: Robotics 201 and 202 

In each Robotics class, students work in teams to plan and build a new robot, letting their creativity and imaginations loose. Along the way, they learn science and engineering concepts, such as how pulleys, levers and motors work. As the students’ robots take shape, they experiment with LEGO® Education’s award-winning WeDo™ software. They discover how to apply computer programming concepts and find new ways to get their “bot” moving. At the end of each robotics class, students take part in a wrap-up activity designed to reinforce STEM skills and stimulate a love of science, technology and engineering at an early age.

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