These inquiry-based science classes utilize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts to guide students through various life science, Earth science, and physical science concepts. Students explore, create and share their discoveries as they build, program and modify projects—igniting a curiosity in science and sparking a love for hands-on experimentation and investigation.

In Science Classes, students use their hands and minds to tackle real-world problems by building and programming models. 

Classes for grades 1-3 provide a foundation in STEM robotics and simple machine concepts by:

  • Exploring the world of forces and motion by building bots out of LEGO® that grab, push, revolve, steer, sweep and use motion and tilt sensors to innovate creations
  • Bringing Robotics to life by building and programming creations using LEGO® that specialize in forces and motion like driving, cranking, walking, spinning, wobbling, flexing, reeling, or lifting.
  • Classes for grades 4-6 use an inquiry-based approach to explore topics in physics, biology, the environment, and conservation by:
  • Opening up their imaginations as they work like real scientists and engineers by designing, building, and programming LEGO® models to answer open- ended inquiry-based projects about Life, Earth, and Physical sciences.
  • Taking a deep dive into the world of science with hands-on exploration of real-world environmental concepts. Kids use LEGO® robotics to become detectives investigating and answer questions about physics, life cycles, nature conservation, and natural disasters.