To ensure the successful implementation of SylvanSync-based Individualized Tutoring Programs, Sylvan hires highly qualified teachers who undergo a comprehensive initial training program, as well as ongoing coaching and professional development. This training focuses on the proprietary SylvanSync curriculum, the SylvanSync Learning Environment, and methods to successfully instruct students using these resources. The online training for Individualized Mathematics includes 8 courses, as well as a certification test that takes each teacher approximately 2 hours to complete.

The following courses are included in tutor training for each program:

  • Introduction to Mathematics for SylvanSync
  • Sylvan Math Program Design Part 1
  • Sylvan Math Program Design Part 2
  • Delivering Mathematics for SylvanSync: Using the Student Binder Part 1
  • Delivering Mathematics for SylvanSync: Using the Student Binder Part 2
  • Delivering Mathematics for SylvanSync: Closing the Session
  • Effectively Evaluating the Student
  • Instructional Management for Teachers
  • Preparing for the Session
  • Engaging Students
  • Balancing Instruction and Managing Time
  • Providing Meaningful Feedback
  • Delivering Homework Support
  • Ending the Session
  • Mathematics for SylvanSync Teacher Certification Test

Once tutors are certified and begin teaching, they are regularly observed and evaluated by Sylvan personnel. Additional training is offered to tutors who may need to refine their skills further. In addition, tutors are required to attend regular staff development meetings on topics that include the latest research and techniques, new educational materials, modifications in instructional methods, motivational techniques and quality assurance