Sylvan’s Individualized Programs use SylvanSync technology, extensive research on content, best practices for using adaptive technology and state-of the art assessments to support teaching and learning. Once a student completes either a STAR Reading or Math assessment from Renaissance Learning, his or her results are transferred into the SylvanSync system within minutes, and they’re used to create a unique learning plan for that student. 

SylvanSync uses the STAR test results to start and guide each student’s learning plan, which is based upon the Reading Learning Progression and the Math Learning Progression originally developed and validated by Renaissance Learning. Sylvan has systematically mapped its proprietary content to these learning progressions and, using its own data, determines what content is presented to each student during each lesson along with the conditions for mastering each skill.  

STAR assessments are the most widely used assessments in K through 12 schools. These tests provide the most valid, reliable, actionable data in the least amount of testing time—usually 20 minutes or less. The use of the STAR assessments enables Sylvan to quickly focus on individualizing instruction designed to accelerate learning for each student.

SylvanSync is a robust, adaptive digital system designed to provide tutors with appropriate instructional resources to support the tutoring process. Tutors systematically guide students through direct instruction to guided practice and then independent practice, and then they evaluate each student’s skill mastery. Prior to offering instruction in the next, more difficult skill, a pretest is administered to determine if the student needs instruction in that skill. If the student passes the pretest, he or she is then presented the pretest for the next most challenging skill until he or she is not able to pass a pretest for a skill.

Learn more about the research base for Sylvan’s proprietary curriculum below:

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In addition, Sylvan tutors use the results of the Student Outlook Survey, a proprietary tool created by Sylvan to better understand student motivation and mindset to guide their interactions with each student.